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Stainless Steel Kitchen Work Table as a Foyer Table?

You're damn right!


Trisha Yearwood…How DID we live without her?

My ring is negative carats...I can only admire.

Okay...I know I'm funny.

Trisha, when I say squeeze it...I mean REALLY squeeze this!

Who knew Trisha Yearwood was even from Georgia? I guess I always had in my head that she was from Oklahoma or Tennessee. One of those “country singin’ ” states. But, last Friday, in the middle of winter, in walks an out of season Georgia peach to Paula’s house…(with an entourage from those “country singin’ ” states.)

Trisha was a guest on Paula’s Best Dishes. I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about. The production company were way more “New York” than usual. And, you would have thought that royalty was coming the way Brandon did up Paula’s master bath as Trisha’s greenroom. Yes, she has an AMAZING voice. Yes, she is stunningly beautiful….but can she really cook?

Fast forward 4 hours through hair and makeup, lunch, walk throughs, cooking jalapeno hushpuppies, resetting jalapeno hushpuppies, cooking catfish, resetting catfish, cooking stewed collards, resetting stewed collards and cooking chocolate cobbler (that by the way was to die for) I can tell you this…GET TRISHA YEARWOOD A TIARA! She is royalty! My girl can cook up a storm with the ease of a kitchen staff of 12. She and Paula hit it off like they were long lost cousins and had so much fun cooking and visiting together. They were a joy to watch and I can’t wait for you all to view the episode in a few months.

When I overheard Trisha say she and her crew were going to The Lady and Son’s Restaurant for dinner before they got back on the plane…all this while she was helping clean up Paula’s kitchen counter with Martha and I AND taking pictures with the crew I couldn’t help hum to myself…”How DID we live without her.”

Buy a country record and eat something homemade,


Snow Ice Cream

Trying to make a couple of bucks to buy a lift ticket at Big Sky.

My boss Paula Deen is on a boat in the Caribbean this week. Me…I’m in Big Sky, Montana. I’m sure she is enjoying her share of conch fritters. Me…I’ve eaten bison at some meal for the past six days. Bison burgers, bison breakfast burritos and last night’s nod to the south while still craving the beast, bison sweet potato chili. I’m over bison.

Today in Big Sky…no bison. I’ve got to work just a little. I’ve set up a Paula Deen test kitchen “annex” off the back deck of this wonderful mountain home we have been so graciously allowed to use (thank you Larry and Toni). What better place to test Paula’s Snow Ice Cream recipe? It’s not like we’re going to have a powder day in Savannah any time soon. Let’s see…what do I need? Snow…check. Cones…(the home owners had three in their pantry) check. Sweetened condensed milk….nope! Luckily, I’m a “trained professional” and I can whip up a batch of the sweet stuff on a dime. I’m all set.

Shovel some snow in a large bowl and pour the sweetened condensed milk over it. Shape into balls. It was that simple!The ice cream was incredibly creamy and reminded me of the winters of my youth. I had so much fun making it I decided to set up a little stand in the woods to try and raise a couple of bucks….maybe take care of my lift ticket for tomorrow. My sister, Robbie, and fellow food stylist, Vera, were the only two takers and even they refused to pay! Probably good because I only had three cones.

Eat Something Homemade…wherever you are!