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Candle Label Shoot

This is the first photo shoot I have had at my own house, and I LOVED it. Everything I needed was right there! This was a shoot for the labels for a new line of candles by Paula Deen. The scents will be based on some of her favorite and most delicious smelling recipes…like Creme Brule, Bob’s Peppermint Pie and Cherry Cheescake Pie. Since they are for labels where tons of text will be, the parameters of the image was very small. No real props aside from the dish. Room for plenty of text while still making you want to eat the image…easy, but tough. Chia Chong was the photographer. She brought her assistant, Jaime. Michelle White from PDE was the art director…then just me and my dog Emilie. (husband out of town on business…son on his way to Lake Tahoe) Here are a couple of images from the shoot. I cooked and prepped most of the stuff the day before. We started at 9 and got the last image off around 5. Chia just sent me the finals…You’ll have to wait to smell them when they hit the shelves. Coming Soon!

Chia, Jaime and EmilieMichelle/ Art DirectorLibbie and the pastry bagCreme Brulee beforeCreme Brulee after