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Website Karma

coffee and website finalizing at The Sentient Bean

One of the many reasons I love Savannah is the ability to live in a city and be able to make a difference. I’m not only talking about the philanthropic opportunities that are available in every town and every city…everywhere. I’m talking about the differences people make in our lives. Jody Schiesser is one great example. Two months ago I went on an interview with a producer looking for a food and prop stylist for an upcoming commercial shoot. Well, the client bailed on the shoot, as they sometimes do when they see the numbers. More importantly, I had met in the producer someone who could make a difference in my life. He was also a website designer! I love bringing people together. Not in the Millionaire Matchmaker kind of way…okay, sometimes in that way….more in the how can people help each other out kind of way. Luckily, I was on the receiving end on this union. Jody is just coming off the great success of his short film The Street Cleaner and had a little down time to help me out on this project. I don’t know if he knew what he was getting himself into. I had very specific ideas of what I wanted my site to look like…Business with a sense of style. Through many meetings and milling over a ton of photographs, I think Jody hit the jackpot. I love the site and it was a true pleasure working with him. He listened and got it. This is what makes him a great photographer, producer and I’m happy to call my new friend. He made a difference. On a final note tonight. What the hell is Elizabeth Berkley doing back on tv? The only thing worse than her hair in the Showgirls movie was her ability to dance. Step it Up and Dance is her new charge… strangely I loved the first episode…. it’s so second grade.