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The New First Lady and me

I was fortunate enough a few months ago to work with our new first lady.  I was walking her through the recipes she would be cooking with my wonderful boss, Paula Deen.  It was a special and crazy day.  Luckily one of the cameramen kept their camera rolling during the set up.  I won’t bore you with the entire thing, here are just a couple of grainy stills taken from the tape and a few things I remember about Michelle Obama and that day.

*Like Princess Diana (me shamelessly telling you I met her in Vail years ago) Michelle Obama is even more beautiful and stately in person.

*She’s TALL…I’m 5’7”…as you can see from the photo she is towering over me at 6′

*She was nervous…like they all are before they have to cook on camera…they don’t realize the director will cut a ton of times and they don’t have to memorize anything no matter how many times you tell them.

*She insisted on using Purell to wash her hands and not the clean towel I had supplied Paula

*Her staff was young,cute, full of energy and gracious

*Secret Service wanted to get their photos taken with Paula

*The place was a zoo with GMA, Inside Edition, Secret Service, Bomb detection dogs and a ton of cameras when it was supposed to be a closed set, our camera men could barely move around to get what they needed for the show.

*After seeing all of the hard work that goes into two simple cooking segments, she stopped on her way out and thanked me personally…I’ll consider that a job perk.

Me 5'7'' short....

Me 5'7'' short....

Pointing to the deep fryer...not fencing.

Pointing to the deep fryer...not fencing.