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Food Network’s #1 Kitchen Crew

My first round of being in charge of the kitchen…big shoes to fill, 1 new person and one who had not been back in the saddle for awhile. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly. This group rocks and I am proud to have worked with them for nearly 12 hours a day for the past two weeks…only wishing it was more like 8 hours a day. Here’s to the best damn kitchen crew on The Food Network. (Note picture taken after two long weeks with only one person having a makeup artist at her disposal and waiting on Vera to apply new lipstick)

First Row: Paula (host and pleasure), Maureen (food stylist back in the saddle and riding beautifully), Vera (food stylist extraordinaire)

Second Row: Matt (On Set Culinary Assist. and master of all phone based video games during taping), Me (Exhausted Head Food Stylist), Martha (Amazing Assistant Food Stylist), Sara (Rookie Food Stylist)

Not on this shoot, but missed: Brianna, Phil and Lynn